The M250 family is a series of turboshaft that reaches from 420 to  650 HP Shaft at takeoff, usually used in the civil and military operations. It is very popular even today, powering the most popular helicopters in the world.


  • Inspection up to 2000h ( Heavy Maintenance)
  • Repairs/HMI
  • Borescope Inspections 
  • Technical Support 


Bell 206-3 JetRanger III - M250-C20B


Bell 206L TH-57B/C SeaRanger -  M250-C20J


TH-67 Creek - M250-C20J


Bell 206L LongRanger I - M250-C20B


Bell TH57B SeaRanger -  M250-C20B


Bell (Soloy) 47/47G - M250-C20B


Bell 407 - M250-C47B


Eurocopter AS355E / 355F TwinStar / Twin Squarre - M250-C20F


Agusta Westland A109A / A109A MkII - M250-C20B


MDHI MD500D / 500E - M250-C20B


The engine model T56-A-14/-15 and It's commercial version, the 501-D13, are the leading large turboprop engines globally by number of units. 

Commonly used in the civil and military operations. 


  • Hot Section Repair
  • Borescope Inspections  
  • Technical Support 
  • Pre-Buy Inspection 

C130 Hércules - T56-A-15 

Electra L-188 -  -501-D13 

L-100 Hércules -  -501-D22 

P3 - Orion - T56-A-14

CV-580 - 501-D13D