CSA is committed to continuous improvement in the provision of general overhaul for aeronautical services with sustainability through an effective management system integrating the quality and safety of services performed, preservation of the environment, employee health with social responsibility. The CSA prohibits the practice of bribery in all processes and businesses involving employees, business partners, public and private entities that relate to the CSA. To this end, it complies with applicable anti-bribery laws in all its activities, in addition to denouncing, based on good faith, any practice of bribery in the certainty of its existence, without fear of reprisal and with the guarantee that it will not suffer any type of discrimination and punishment.

Our commitment is demonstrated through continuous monitoring of operational hazards and risks, environmental aspects and impacts, complying with all legal and statutory requirements determined by interested parties.

Our learning acquired over the years has confirmed that the maintenance of aeronautical items requires a careful, planned and dedicated attitude. Working with sustainability throughout the production cycle on different business fronts is our business principle. We are ethically committed to economic development, preservation of the environment, while promoting the improvement of the quality of life of our employees and their families, as well as interested parties.