OuR Story


More than 14 years on the market

CSA is the leading independent provider of maintenance, repairs and overhaul services for aircraft engines turboprop, turbofan, turboshaft and power units (APUs). We also support the market with high quality parts, components and services. Our Mobile Services Team (MRT) technicians are on standby to better serve you through the AOG channel.

After having more than 36 years of experience in the aeronautical market and having worked with large companies and manufacturers in the sector,  Deivson Assunção together  with  Kátia Assunção  founded CSA in 2010, at the time the biggest challenge was to serve the agricultural community and small operators.

Strategically located in the center of Brazil, in Goiânia, Goiás, CSA has become one of the largest independent suppliers of maintenance, repairs and overhaul (MRO) of engines in the aeronautical market.

Mission, Vision and Values


To be a reference in the provision of overhaul and repair services for turboprop, turboshaft and turbofan aeronautical engines, in the operating regions where there is an installed base.


Facilitate the access and return to the service in a fair and contributive way for the aeronautical market, breaking paradigms and overcoming challenges.


Our values ​​are safety, ethics and transparency. These are the essence of our business and the customers are our reason for existing.
Attract, recognize and value talents.
Integrity so that our posture is an example before society.
Clarity and honesty in communication to generate trust and lasting bonds.
Entrepreneurial spirit to seek solutions and always generate value.
Social, economic and environmental sustainability: since we all need a better world to work and live in!


Deivson Assunção

Founder & President
[email protected]

Kátia Assunção

Founder & Vice President/CFO
[email protected]